Hi, we are Cristina and Andrew, a 30-something couple living in Orange County, California. I work in the finance field, and Andrew and I also co-own a business, Light Therapy for Life. Like any typical couple, we love to go out, eat, travel, and play. We love the finer things in life but always try to get the best deals that we can. There are so many websites and other resources offering budget tips, deals, coupons, etc, and here we will comment on those we like, what we've tried, and would like to try in the future. We like to save money (who doesn't?) but not through eating ramen all day (although Cristina does get the occasional craving for it) or depriving ourselves to the hilt. It's all about the balance of fun and frugality. Life should be fun... but it's way more fun at 50%.

Cristina’s weaknesses include designer shoes and handbags, but cannot remember the last time she paid full retail price for one.

Andrew can't resist a good cup of coffee, and is still in search for the perfect espresso machine (at a discount, of course).

We also have Tiger, whose hobbies include long walks on the beach, watching trash TV and playing with dogs twice her size.